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MIG and MAG welding, TIG gas-shielded welding – these are some welding techniques used by Metikam’s specialists. Excellent effects prove the quality of our work.

We offer welding of aluminum and steel constructions; we also weld constructions from sheet metals and rolled profiles – both heat and cold welding. Our specialists are limited only by the requirements of the provided technical specification. Thanks to the advanced technology and expert knowledge of metals we are able to create a construction of any shape: always durable, executed with precision, and completely meeting client expectations.

Service without limits

A rich technological background and many years of experience enable us to efficiently realize all orders. We realize services of welding constructions of all sizes from small to large. We take care of the quality of service at every step of the realization process, and we do our best to make sure that the effect of our work shows an excellent aesthetic and technical level.

Obtain valuation

Valuation of each order is carried out individually. To obtain valuation contact the sales department of Metikam and forward the construction design to us. We are able to carry out professional project-construction documentation on our own.