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Water jet cutting

A quick and efficient method that enables cutting of any material softer than the material that is being cut– even bulletproof glass, marble, or steel with thickness of 20cm.

Water jet cutting s a technology of cutting through materials with a very high-pressure water jet. By using high-pressure pumps or hydraulic pressure amplifiers water reaches pressure over 5000 bars. As a result the speed of a jet often exceeds the speed of sound.

and precision

The water jet cutting technique can be used to cut all kinds of steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium, stones, ceramics, plastic materials, rubber, wood, glass, and many other materials. Its advantage is very high precision regardless of the cut material: it is possible to equally cut 0,01mm thick foil and 200mm thick titanium plates.

Water jet cutting of plastic-coated sheet metals is possible only by using the punching method.

Minimum waste, no side effects

Water jet cutting is a way to avoid microcracks and stresses, and a method that enables easier treatment in the subsequent phases of production. An item is not exposed to thermal loads, which in the case of thermal technologies is a problem. Optimal placing of a component on the sheet allows material losses to be minimized and the treatment process to be accelerated. All of the above translates into high quality and lower cost of obtaining a ready component.

Głowica do cięcia wodą

Parameters of the cutting machine

We have a state-of-the-art water jet cutting machine from Bystronic at our disposal. The ultimate cutting precision depends on the type and thickness of material, initial treatment, size of a sheet, and to what degree it needs to be heated up.

  • Dimensions of the work table: 3068 x 1535mm
  • Pa* position deviation: +- 0,08mm/axis ś
  • Ps* repeatability: +-0,025mm/axis
  • Thickness of cut materials: up to 200mm

Obtain valuation

Prices are set individually and depend on the length of the kerf, type and thickness of material, required cutting precision, and complexity of an order. To obtain valuation contact us via and attach the component drawing.