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Plasma cutting

A method of cutting through metal that is very fast and safe. The cutting speed reaches up to 15m/s in reference to materials with thickness of up to 160mm.

Plasma cutting is based on using a highly concentrated plasma stream in the form of an ionized compressed gas flowing through an electric arc. High temperature of the core of the arc, reaching from 10k do 30k°C, causes metal to melt, and the high speed of the stream blows it out from the forming gap. This technique can only be used to cut through electrically conductive materials.

Instant cutting
without deformations

Plazma cutting is a technique used to cut through materials with thickness of up to 160mm. However, the scope of thickness varies from one material to another – steel, cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum, or some alloys. For instance, the maximal thickness of a sheet of stainless sheet metals is 50mm; low-carbon sheet metals: 60mm.

Regardless of material the cutting speed is very high, because plasma cutting does not require preheating the sheet. Low impact of temperatures simultaneously prevents metal deformations, and the narrow plasma stream allows getting a small kerf.

Parameters of the cutting machine

The machine that we use is a state-of-the-art computer programmed piece of equipment, which lets us achieve maximal cutting precision and allows minimal material losses. It is imperative to bear in mind that the quality and speed of cutting may slightly vary depending on the cut surface.

  • Dimensions of the work table: 6000 x 3000mm
  • Plasma source: 260A
  • Thickness of cut materials: up to 65mm
  • Cutting speed up to 6400mm/min
  • Microjoint function - point non-burning of a detail

Obtain valuation

Prices are set individually and depend on the length of the kerf, type and thickness of material, required cutting precision, and complexity of an order. To obtain valuation contact us via and attach the component drawing.