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Laser cutting

Take advantage of the affordable and exceptionally precise method

Laser cutting is a technology that uses an enhanced electromagnetic beam of light and a high-purity technical gas. The laser can burn through the surface, melt it, or cut through it thanks to the process of sublimation. Laser cutting enables cutting steel surfaces, aluminum, and materials such as wood, glass, or acrylic glass (Plexiglas). The maximal thickness of a sheet is 20mm for structural steel, 15mm for stainless steel, and 10mm for aluminum.

Complete precision,
low cost

Thanks to the CNC control it is possible to cut out sheets from all, even the most complicated, shapes – with precision to 0,1mm. Laser cutting eliminates the risk of material deformation and ensures high quality of the end product. This method is not only precise, but also exceptionally profitable: it guarantees minimal losses of material and ensures no need for further finishing of the cut detail.

Parameters of the cutting machine

The cutting machine used by Metikam is produced by Bystronic. It is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment used in factories all over the world. CNC computer programming provides high precision and repeatability of the process.

  • Dimensions of the work table: 3068 x 1535mm
  • Pa* position deviation: +- 0,08mm/axis
  • Ps* repeatability: +-0,025mm/axis
  • Thickness of cut materials: up to 20mm
Cięcie laserowe

Obtain valuation

Prices are set individually and depend on the length of the kerf, type and thickness of material, required cutting precision, and complexity of an order. To obtain valuation contact us via and attach the component drawing.